The Heart of Oklahoma Diamond

A Search for Intensity & Perfection HOKD Title Decoration

What makes your heart beat faster?

Rare, Exceptional, 18.92 Carats HOKD Title Decoration

Celebrating Legacy

Cut from a 38.05-carat rough diamond that was mined off-shore Namibia, Africa, the Heart of Oklahoma was polished to perfection to a very specific carat-weight: 18.92 carats to celebrate BC Clark’s founding year–1892.

The Heart of Oklahoma HOKD Title Decoration

Internally Flawless. Fancy Intense Yellow. 18.92 Carats.

The vision of a statement diamond to honor the BC Clark legacy drove us to search the globe for a once-in-a-lifetime discovery. After nearly seven years, we found it. When we did, we instantly KNEW it was to be The Heart of Oklahoma.

The Art of a Handmade Masterpiece HOKD Title Decoration

Magnificent Craftmanship

For a design worthy of this diamond, we partnered with the artisans of Harry Kotlar utilizing their signature old-world techniques and aptitude for relevant aesthetic.

Heritage, Artistry, and Perfection HOKD Title Decoration

Design Shaped by History

The Heart of Oklahoma Diamond is set in a one of a kind Harry Kotlar Masterpiece. A design reminiscent of the industrial revolution steam locomotive’s pilot grills with the use of tapered baguette diamonds utilizes historical aspects dear to BC Clark’s and Oklahoma’s legacy.

Diamond Facts

HOKD Title Decoration
Original Rough Weight 38.05 ct.
Carat Weight 18.92 ct.
Shape Square Radiant
Color Fancy Intense Yellow (FIY)
Clarity Internally Flawless (IF)
Grading Report GIA (Gemological Institute of America Inc.) De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds
Provenance Namibia, Africa - Atlantic Ocean
Mining Technique Marine-based diamond recovery by De Beers 120 to 140m below sea level approximately 12 miles off Namibia's coast.
Sibling Diamond Cut from the same rough, The Sol Diamond is a 5.01ct. Fancy Yellow radiant cut diamond.

The Heart & Sol Diamonds

Born From The Same Stone HOKD Title Decoration

Heart & Sol

The Heart of Oklahoma has a sister diamond. With its own vivid spirit, the Sol Diamond is cut from the same 38.05-carat rough diamond as the Heart. Side by side, Heart & Sol will take your breath away.

The Sol Diamond

Sister Diamond HOKD Title Decoration

The Sol Diamond

The Sol Diamond is a 5.01-carat Fancy Yellow radiant cut diamond. Like its larger sister, the Sol Diamond was designated a Forevermark Exceptional diamond.

BC Clark HOKD Title Decoration

Committed to Exceptional

The BC Clark family stands for passion for our craft, and dedication to the people we have served for over 125 years. Contact us today to learn more about The Heart of Oklahoma or any other pieces in our magnificent collection of diamonds and luxury jewelry.